Tala Atallah

Say a warm welcome to keen gym bunny Tala Atallah – Each month we feature one of our customers and their progress, not just in the gym but in life too.

We apparoach Tala for feedback on our new Seamless leggings back in November and we decided to find out what a non ‘Instagram’ gym gunny has to say when it comes to fitnesswear, workouts and general life goals.

Tala is studying sports nutrition at Salford Uni – she is active but loves to snuggle up with her dog after a long hard day and binge watch anything on Netflix – ( Current series: You )

1. How many days per week do you work out?

Depending on my health and fitness goals for cutting and performing, I commit to a minimum of 3 days of exercise each week to see results changing it from Cardio to weights.

2. What do you eat before a workout?

Ideally, you should have some form of fuel in your system before you work out. So when I’m eating I think of easily digested carbohydrate an hour or so before I hit the gym this ensures that you’ll have enough energy in the tank to get through your program.

3. What do you eat after a workout?

Eating after a workout is important to me. You need to replenish your glycogen stores and ‘feed’ the muscles that you’ve just trained. I tend to eat small snacks consisting of protein and easily digested carbohydrates before tucking into a protein-based meal.

4. What are the best exercises for getting rid of muffin tops?

Excess fat doesn’t typically occur in isolation so chances are you’ve got fat everywhere. You can’t spot reduce so a well-balanced diet will help overhaul.

5. Cardio v weights?

While cardiovascular training is great for building strong hearts and lungs and stops me panting are climbing the stairs at Uni, it doesn’t provide the stimulus your body needs to build bigger, stronger muscles and bones so i edge towards weights


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