2014 Year In Review via Facebook

Robin Williams’ death one of Facebook’s most talked about events of 2014, among Scottish Referendum and Ice Bucket Challenge.

Robin Williams’ death was one of the most talked about events on Facebook last year and one that touch all of our hearts about the the happiest man on television having a scared demon inside.— revealed as part of its review of the year, which showed the Scottish Referendum was the most popular topic in the UK.

The Scottish Referendum accounted for 3.3 million interactions (comments, posts and likes) in the UK on polling day alone. Of those, 1.9 million came from Scotland even though the vote didnt go the way Scotland wanted it, all in all it created massive social load. There were over 10 million interactions in total, in the five weeks leading up to the independence referendum on September 8 2014

The Scottish Referendum beat even the Ice Bucket Challenge and the World Cup — the world’s most popular event — to the top spot as we seen Germany clinch a last minute winner in the final against Leo Messi’s Argentina, Neymar’s shocking injury and unknown James Rodriguez crowned the golden boot and sign to top club Real Madrid.


2014 Year in Review from Facebook on Vimeo.

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